Magnetic Separator Machine Demand for the Cement Industry

18 Июл

Strong magnetic separator, also called manganese magnetic separator, is a magnetic ore dressing machine aimed at weak magnetic ore. It is usually used for sorting hematite and limonite, mirror iron ore, pomegranate ore, manganese and other weak magnetic mineral, also for iron removal in some industries.Strong magnetic separator magnetic system is made of high quality NdFeB materials, has the high magnetic field intensity (up to 12000 Gauss above) and quite a good effect on the weak magnetic material separation.

The surface magnetic field intensity can reach more than 12000 Gs, Which is very suitable for sorting weak magnetic mineral and low grade weak magnetic iron ore, such as red mud of red iron and brown iron, weak magnetic iron ore, manganese ore, etc. Wear resistant non-magnetic drum skin. Permanent magnet drums are built using high intensity non-deteriorating material, so not only is no power required to the magnet, but it will also provide maximum magnetic force for the lifetime of the machine. High permeability magnetic circuit to minimise stray magnetic fields, prolonging their life. It is greatly suitable for the magnetic mineral separation in Water shortage are.The equipment has high magnetic induction intensity to attract the ore with size up to 350mm, and can be applied with various model belts according to the customers’ demands.It is mainly used at the preseparation stage to rejecting excess gangues.

Adopting the drum separation structure, the vibrating feeder above the machine feed materials to the cylinder surface averagely. After the first magnetic stirring processing, materials depend on gravity for downward movement to the second strong magnetic roll, the materials are second magnetic stirred, thus the non-magnetic tailings are removed, to complete the separation process, and achieve good quality, and more benefit.

rotary cement kiln:

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